We are not allowing online booking at the moment as we prefer to speak to each client directly about our safety protocols. Please contact the studio here to book an appointment.


Citrine Facial:
Our Spa Favorite we use crystal therapy and aromatherapy to balance your energies. Curated natural products cleanse and exfoliate skin to reveal your natural glow. Masking and moisturizing follow nourishing your skin. Includes luxurious shoulder arm/massage.
75 min $85
Add on Microdermabrasion…..$15

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Beaute Nouveau Facial:
Our BEAUTE NOUVEAU Signature facial is a one-hour, indulgent pampering session that focuses on deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation, cell detoxification, re-mineralization, muscle and lymphatic stimulation, facial relaxation, nutrient replenishment, and micro-circulation to smooth and refine texture and tone, increase oxygenation and blood flow, and increase radiance, transparency, and vibrancy of the skin.
Our Signature Facial is an extremely unique experience, exclusively available from Estheticians who are highly trained in our techniques and products.
60 min $95
Add-ons available

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Swedish Massage:

A classic, full body massage therapy to increase circulation and soothe muscles using long gliding strokes and kneading strokes. This lovely treatment reduces pain, promotes deep relaxation, helps to manage stress and improve mood.

Drink plenty of water afterwards.

60 min $85

90 min $115
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Deep Tissue Massage:

Our therapeutic massage focuses on specific areas of the body using slower strokes and deeper pressure than classic massage. Releases adhesions in muscles, tendons and ligaments to relieve tightness in the body. Important to communicate with massage therapist about your individual comfort range.

Drink plenty of water afterwards.

60 min $95

90 min $125
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Dawn Cowan

Holistic Esthetician

Dawn curates an individualized facial with organic and natural products. She educates clients in the use of nutrition, essential oils and holistic remedies to balance and restore the skin. Book your anti-aging facial today with Dawn to make your skin Glow!

To schedule your facial call/text Dawn 619.549.4848 or text Spa 619.341.8765

May Alnakhlawi


May, a licensed massage therapist, has been practicing throughout California since 2010.  May uses techniques from both Eastern & Western traditions to treat the unique needs of individual clients. As a long-term student at Yoga Arts, she has cultivated a deep, practical awareness and understanding of the human body.  With intuition and integrity, May is dedicated to facilitate a healing, restorative experience.  Whether you want a session that’s relaxing and meditative, or concentrated and therapeutic, you are in capable hands.

May’s personal days are spent rediscovering wonder through the eyes of her young son Idris.  She believes beauty can be found in the most mundane places and in the transformative power of our minds.

“Work is love made visible” -Khalil Gibran

To schedule your massage call/text May 619.306.9720 or text Spa 619.341.8765