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2 Weeks Unlimited for $25
New Students Only


3 Months Unlimited for $50/Mo
New and Returning Students Only

Helpful Hints

We now offer 20 online classes every week!

Hatha movement and breath classes, gentle classes ideal for beginners as well as intermediate classes followed by teachers and students across the US and abroad.

Here are a few helpful hints for taking class online:

Here are a few HELPFUL HINTS to taking class online:

  • register in our class schedule link in bio
  • pay for class
  • you will receive an email with a virtual link
  • (check all folders AllMail/Junk/Promotions)
  • before class go to and download app
  • allow zoom to access your camera and microphone
  • clear a space to practice in, if possible have access to a wall
  • gather yoga props:  blankets, blocks, bolster or pillows 
  • If you don’t have props at home, teachers will give you other options and we have everything you need for sale at the studio
  • when class is in session select Speaker View and Full Screen to see instructor 

Be very very happy that you made it to class and enjoy the effects of your practice.

You will feel lighter, more satisfied with your day, at ease and at home in your body.

We are in this together.

Ground | Center | Restore

Practice Yoga. Learn Yoga